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  • What is a Home Grow Kit?
    A Home Grow Kit is a self-contained space designed to raise plants in an indoor setting. The kit generally consists of a grow tent, a grow light, and some form of air circulation (fans).
  • Why should I get a Home Grow Kit?
    Cultivating at home provides an inexpensive alternative to purchasing the actual buds themselves. Also, by growing the plants at home, you have control over how organic you want the process to be.
  • What makes the Plant Buddies Kit so special?
    We're consumers just like you, so we tested a number of different possible solutions for growing cannabis at home. Our goal was to come up with the "Goldilocks" of Grow Kits. We were sensitive to all the concerns of Safety, COST, Discretion, EASE for Top Shelf Quality from your own home when it came to the COMPLETE KIT. With these in mind, we were able to work with our manufacturers to develop the best solution to all of these concerns while providing a rewarding growing experience! Additionally, we provide total support through your first harvest. Our goal is to grow a community where people feel empowered by their cannabis experience.
  • What about the overall cost?
    Nowadays, an ounce of flower can cost anywhere between $150-$350. By growing at home you can get anounce of flower PER PLANT every 3 months. Based off of 6 plants, that's almost 6 ounces of flower every 3 months. Most customers are able to make back the cost of the kit ($599) usually within the first harvest. The only thing that you will still have to obtain are the clones themselves (which usually go for $15 per plant) as well as any soils or nutrients. Overall, not a bad return on investment!
  • What’s changed in the past few years, relative to home cultivation?"
    The biggest change has been to the Grow Light technology. In the past, you had to use HPS or HID lamps which were costly and potentially dangerous. With the advancement of the LED technology, we are able to both greatly reduce the electricity use as well as the heat dissipation. Plus you no longer have the nuisance of replacing bulbs. (less than $10 a month added to your monthly utility bill. LED = Green)
  • Are you for real? I can grow my medicine instead of paying for it with money?
  • What do I need (space wise)?
    Our Grow Kit requires a space of 2 ft by 4 ft for the base of the tent. The tent can be set up in any room in the house so long as there are outlets within reach.
  • What does "hydroponics" mean?"
    Hydroponics usually refers to using some water filtration method as the medium through which the plant's roots obtain their food and nutrients. While there are certain advantages to this method, we would recommend using a simple, traditional soil based method with some of our recommended soil brands (Fox Farms Ocean Forest Potting Soil, Coco #4)
  • Are there any smells / will I notice it?
    The plants themselves do not generate much smell until the final phases of flowering. Additionally, the fan creates circulation through the carbon filter, effectively eliminating any residual odors. You may adjust the fan to various levels depending on your preference.
  • How do I use it?
    Once the kit is assembled, all you will have to maintain is a watering schedule. The lights will be set on timer, so that part is automatic.
  • How long will it take for me to have the plants to flower?
    Generally speaking, most plants take around 10-12 weeks to grow to harvest. The first few weeks are spent in a vegetative light cycle (16 hrs on / 8 hrs off) with no red light. The 2nd stage of the process is the bloom cycle (12 hrs on / 12 hrs off) with added red light to the spectrum.
  • How do I harvest the plants?
    The harvest will start once the buds (flowers) have reached full maturity. They will become very sticky and there will be slight discoloration in the trichomes (tiny little droplets that accumulate on the buds). At this point the plants will then be cut at their base so that they may be hung to dry out. There will be some trimming of the leaves (which can be used in edibles). From here, the bud then has to dry for a week before it is then separated and set aside in a mason jar for additional curing. The last step is to cure the buds in the mason jar over the course of an additional few weeks to affect potency and taste. Once the bud reaches the desired level, it is ready for use.
  • Can I grow tomatoes?
    Yes! Anything that grows in a garden can be grown inside our Home Grow Kits!
  • Where can I get plants?
    Currently, the easiest method to obtain plants (clones) is from a dispensary. You will rarely find individuals purchasing seeds to cultivate their cannibis. Most commonly, individuals will purchase clones or “baby plants” that have been split from a “mother plant” of the same strain.
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