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Home Grow Kit Includes:


-Plant Buddies Tent

  • 2ft x 4ft x 6ft tall (A full foot taller than the leading brand, and yes, your plants will notice the difference!)

  • 600D black denier / diamond reflective mylar interior

  • 19mm steel frame w/ reinforced support (4mm thicker than most brands leads to much sturdier / stable support)

  • comfortably fits up to 6 plants in full bloom

-Viparspectra (Reflector Series) 450W LED Grow Light

  • Dual Vegetative and Bloom switches for optimum control

  • Advanced high speed quiet fans and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks provide heat dissipation.

  • Full Spectrum: 450~475nm(blue), 620~630nm(green), 650~660nm(red), 730nm(red) and 5500-6500K 

-4" Air Filtration System

  • 4" in-line fan and carbon filter, with ducting & clamps
  • Variable speed controller (for adjustable fan settings) 
  • Dual outlet, grounded timer (lights will turn on and off automatically for you) 
  • Digital humidity monitor , thermometer
  • 4x - 5 gallon cloth pots w/ plastic saucers

Grow Kit

$599.00 Regular Price
$420.00Sale Price
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